Training in the Fundamental Principles of the Working Environment

HSE basic training (40 hours)

HMS grunnkurs på engelsk

40 hour course in Fundamental Principles of HSE satisfies the requirement of documented HSE training of safety delegates, first line manager and members of AMU.

The course also named "Basic training in HSE" is mandatory for safety representatives and members of AMU. This course satisfies the requirement of 40 hours of HSE training for safety delegates, members of the AMU and first-line managers (§5-3). Knowledge and expertise in HSE is required and must be maintained. That is a requirement and a prerequisite for the success of HSE in your company. With this course you will get this essential knowledge.
As one of Norway's most experienced provider of HSE courses, thousands of satisfied participants have completed HSE training through Positiv Opplæring.

Topic overview:
  • What is HSE? Systematic HSE and safety at work
  • Norwegian HSE Regulations
  • The Working Environment Act
  • The organization and principles of working with occupational health and safety
  • Responsibility and authority in the HSE organization
  • Safety delegates and Work Environment Committee (WEC)
  • Ergonomics - the physical and chemical working environment
  • The psychosocial working environment
  • Safety inspections, surveys and follow-up
  • Questions and challenges

Who is this course suitable for?
The course is particularly suitable for safety delegate and members of AMU.
It is also suitable for managers and others who want a thorough introduction to the company systematically HSE work and the HSE requirements of the Working Environment and HSE Regulations.
The purpose of the course?
The purpose of this course is that the course participant shall have completed training that meets the requirements for training of safety representatives and members of AMU. In addition to developing a good understanding of HSE work, where collaboration between people are standing in the center. The course also provides a foundation for developing secure and good conditions to work with HSE in a systematic way.
No claims
3 days of teaching. In addition to individual work and final assignment 
Included in the course
All participants receive comprehensive documentation containing course presentation and extracts of the HSE regulations.
It will be served lunch, coffee and refreshments throughout the course day.

Sikke Otteren

Sikke Otteren has over 20 years' experience as a course instructor in HSE and is one of the country's most sought-after instructors in her field. Her academic background includes organizational psychology and Human Resource Management. Sikke is the author of the book "Strategisk HMS-arbeid i Bedriften" (Strategic HSE Systems in the Workplace) and "HMS i Fokus" (new release in 2017). 

Start and end:

09:00 - 15:00


Only available as internal/onsite training

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